Becoming an entrepreneur in Finland

Advice for starting a business

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur? Would you like help as soon as the  heureka moment comes? Or do you already have a business idea that you would like to discuss with an expert? 

We offer first class advice when you want to discuss your business idea with someone. Maybe your idea is in early development phase or maybe it only needs the finishing touch. We are happy to help you also when you want to know more about your opportunities as an entrepreneur.

If you have the slightest idea or an inkling of a business in mind, make an appointment and come to Ensimetri®

– together we will make your ideas real!

What happens in business advising?

During the advising session you get to discuss your thoughts and ideas with the advisor. Our long experience of numerous business ideas and our know-how about various trends will help you get started on your way towards entrepreneurship. The profitability of your business idea will be evaluated and you will receive advice on how to develop your business idea and your business plan. You can also take advantage of our vast and reliable network of experts (in Finnish).

Our advice services are always 100% confidential and free of charge!

If you answered yes to any of these questions:
  • Do you have a business idea?
  • Would you like to start a company in the Pirkanmaa region?
  • Or have you started a business recently but you want to develop your business skills to run it?
  • You do not have a business idea yet but you are interested in learning more and finding out what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

Check out our free entrepreneurship course 

For more information, contact Jari Myllymäki

+358 44 735 8220, jari.myllymaki@ensimetri.fi

Experts at your service

The experts at Ensimetri are all experienced professionals of different fields. You can take advantage of their advice regarding your field, mentoring, point of view and experience in the beginning of your career as an entrepreneur. Numerous fields are represented and you will find the right mentor to get you started on your career as an entrepreneur for sure. Contact our business advisor and join the clientele of Ensimetri – our broad network of experts is at your service!